CATTAILS Cornish Rex

Breeding Cornish Rex Exclusively for over Forty years.
& Guarantee the health of your Cornish Rex Cat.

Kittens available in March 2022.

 Available Kittens and Cats: If you are interested in a kitten get on the waiting list NOW!!  The cats/kittens pictured here are not available.  Kittens start @ $1,200.00. 

Beware of backyard breeders!!  Do your research... beware of offshore breeders.  they are mostly US blood lines.

We reserve the right to determine final placement of any cat/kitten at any time.

Karl - Brown Tabby
Quad Grand
GC Cattail's ELLA
moved to St Louis
Rain Dancer
Cattail's Zamboni
GC Cattail's Miss Poco Azul Gato - blue cream & white
Cattails Frank Sincatra
Apollo and Schmitty!!!
No scams you pay when you get your kitten.  NO DEPOSITS HERE
no longer available
Happy in new home
Cattail's Simply Simon
Cattails But I Just Love Her
What a wonderful Chocolate & white coat
chocolate Van
GC Cattail's Oh Neal of Lynde - odd eyed
 GC Cattail's Mister Ghosteye
with Judy & a Sphynx
Winchester in his new home
Cattail's Miss Kiss Me Sweetie
Cattail's Milk Chocolate Sunshine- Chocolate Tortie & White  "Sunny"  Now a Grand Champion
Daisey is the tortie in background