CATTAILS Cornish Rex

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Breeding Cornish Rex Exclusively for over Forty years.
& Guarantee the health of your Cornish Rex Cat.


Available Kittens and Cats: If you are interested in a kitten get on the waiting list NOW!!  The cats/kittens pictured here are not available.  Kittens start @ $900.00. 

Many kittens

available in August & October,2018.  Retired adults available. NOW

Beware of backyard breeders!!

We reserve the right to determine final placement of any cat/kitten at any time.

Stella DOB: 9/3/16 expecting
Cattail's Zamboni
gone to new home
Rain Dancer gone to her new forever home in St Louis
What a wonderful Chocolate & white coat
chocolate Van
GC Cattail's Oh Neal of Lynde - odd eyed
GC Cattail's Miss Poco Azul Gato - blue cream & white
 GC Cattail's Mister Ghosteye
with Judy & a Sphynx
Winchester is going to his new home soon
Cattail's Miss Kiss Me Sweetie
Apollo and Schmitty!!!
Daisey, GC Seal Tortie Point & White
Cattail's Milk Chocolate Sunshine- Chocolate Tortie & White  "Sunny"  Now a Grand Champion
Daisey is the tortie in background