SEVERAL  Kittens Available, many colors
Some Partners:
Kelly Phillips,  Crystal Lake Illinois.  Permanent Waves Cornish Rex

Joanne Newman, Sunset Cornish Rex, Keri Keri , New Zealand website =

Lynn Ebert,  Lynde Cornish Rex, Pewaukee WI

Stella Expecting
Several kittens available for August & October, 2018.
Boys and girls.  Several colors
Cattail's Queen Arewn
moved to St Louis - Rain Dancer
two show Grand Champion - KI KI
Cattail's Cornish Rex,  Many colors.

NEW email=

 call Susan 608-238-0143 or email

Black female kitten available 1/15/19

This is not a business no deposit necessary.  Payment when healthy kitten leaves for it's new home.  Beware of Backyard breeders.  Beware of Russians Breeders.

Quad Grand Ch Dessed In Black & White of Cattail
GC Cattail's Lady Joy
Sunshine and Daisey
Jane is expecting the next litter
Baby Girl another Grand

This is a maine coon, the best maine coon!!! GC CDreams Jack Frost of Buctales


Chris Buck is his proud owner you can contact her at

 her website is =
You can contact the American Cat Fanciers Association at